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Nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling Hamburg:

Live a healthy lifestyle and feel alive again. In the in-depth hybrid coaching programs Karolin Werminghoff shows you her personal routines, she shares practical tips, simple recipes and product recommendations around nutrition, yoga and meditation. Her packages include a mix of personal sessions, webinars, on-demand videos plus a workbook - focusing on your personal desired topic.

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The nutritional counseling offers you

A healthy lifestyle without sacrificing anything? In her coaching programs, nutrition expert Karolin Werminghoff shares her in-depth knowledge about healthy eating full of pleasure. As stress and time pressure determine our everyday lives, it is all the more important to develop personal routines that fit into individual daily routines and contribute to physical well-being.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, she shares yoga and relaxation exercises in her coaching sessions, in addition to practical tips, delicious recipes and specific product recommendations, to help you find more balance mentally.


Find the best specialist:s for your current health needs in nutritional counseling Hamburg.

"Health means more to me than the absence of illness. Therefore, health is not the only focus of my own nutrition and coaching sessions. In particular, I want to pass on my many years of expertise and personal experience that have helped me to establish a healthy lifestyle. My clients experience the health benefits and an enormous gain in quality of life and energy after only a short time - without any dieting at all."

Together we will find the individually suitable consulting concept - in the private environment or in the company for the health promotion of your employees.

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"When we learn to eat mindfully, food can transform for us from a source of suffering to a source of renewal, self-knowledge, and joy." - Jan Chozen Bays

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