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What would you do if you could rethink primary care from the ground up? That's the question Maximilian Waldmann and Frederic Haitz asked themselves in late 2019. Their answer led to the development of Eterno, set to open in summer 2022. With a highly skilled team of cross-industry experts, they have developed a patient-centered, digitalized vision for care that is the natural outcome of listening to patients and their doctors. With modern medicine and innovative technology, Eterno empowers your healthcare practitioners to focus on what matters most: caring for you.

helps you take charge of your health. With contemporary locations, a holistic medical approach and quality treatments, Eterno does not just fix urgent problems, but ensures lasting health.


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we're keeping our doors and minds open


we're humans caring for others


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we're driven to have impact


we're dedicated to safety and care

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The unique atmosphere and design of our hubs contribute to a holistic and modern healing experience that keeps you better. That’s because we believe effective healthcare requires more than curing illness. Eterno helps you feel good and make health decisions that matter.

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Eterno is a diverse and progressive team of healthcare evangelists. Are you ready to make a lasting impact on patient experience, modern medicine and public health? If you are a passionate physician, business professional, social media freak or an all-round talent, check out our current openings.