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Osteopathy Hamburg: Holistic manual medicine

Pain in a certain area does not necessarily have to originate there. Specialists in osteopathy Hamburg look at the body as a whole and treat pain or blockages effectively and sustainably by taking into account bio-psycho-social factors and moving, stretching and massaging your muscles, joints and tissues. 

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- Treatment of functional disorders of the body   

- Skeletal, muscle and ligament oriented therapy  

- Holistic manual diagnosis and therapy 

- Physical manipulation, stretching and massage

- Increasing the mobility of the joints 

- Pain relief

- Release of blockages and tensions  

- Improved blood circulation

Holistic manual therapy in the practice for osteopathy Hamburg

If you come to osteopathic treatment with pain in your lower back, you may be surprised when your pelvic area or foot mechanics are examined first in the practice for osteopathy in Hamburg. However, symptoms and diseases rarely have only one cause. To understand how the lower back is affected, osteopaths at Osteopathie Hamburg look at the body and its mechanics as a whole, including your health history, posture, gait and factors such as stress, occupation, diet, exercise, sleep and environment.

As a discipline that takes a whole-body approach, with diagnosis and treatment performed with the hands, osteopathy supports the smooth interplay of bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue.


The osteopath in Hamburg

Eterno Osteopathie in Hamburg: Find the best specialist for your current health needs in your area.

Hamburg Osteopathy: Promote healing and prevent injuries

Our specialist:s at the Praxis für Osteopathie in Hamburg will help you get rid of pain and blockages in a whole-body way. While other body-based therapies are often designed to treat a specific injury or provide rehabilitation after a specific trauma or physical change (e.g. pregnancy or sports injury), osteopathic treatment affects the entire body. It provides valuable long-term rehabilitation treatment that can promote healing and prevent injury.

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Advantages of an osteopathic treatment in the practice for osteopathy Hamburg

You are unsure whether you should get osteopathic treatment? Here you can find examples of treatments of your practice for osteopathy in Hamburg as well as an overview of the most important holistic health benefits:

1. osteopathic manual therapy strengthens the whole body

What does an osteopath treat at Osteopathie Hamburg? The answer is: pretty much everything. In medical literature, osteopathic medicine is referred to as holistic treatment. This means that it takes into account not only the physical aspects of the body, but also the psychological and social factors that may contribute to a particular health problem.

Osteopath:in believe that a problem with one function or part of the body has an impact on the whole body and its ability to heal itself. Every treatment in the practice for osteopathy in Hamburg is designed to consider and influence the entire body. As a result, osteopathy often has a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system as well as the psyche.

What does such a treatment look like? Your osteopath can, for example:

  • perform a non-invasive treatment of connective tissue to improve the circulation of the body's lymphatic system, deactivate trigger points, promote relaxation and correct imbalances of muscles and ligaments.
  • Use massage techniques that gently massage the surface around two joints. This reduces muscle spasms and relieves neurological problems that can cause tension.

2. doctors:inside osteopathy in Hamburg support your immune system

Osteopathy cannot directly treat a weakened immune system. But it can support it. Your osteopath at Osteopathie Hamburg can help to rebalance your body's nervous system by treating tensions in the tissues. 

Thus, osteopathy helps to strengthen the general immunity of your body:

  • Targeted manual therapy can stimulate the metabolism and increase blood circulation and lymph flow. This contributes to an overall strengthened lymphatic system, which in turn has a positive effect on the organ functions of organs important for the immune system, such as the spleen, thymus and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Osteopathic treatments can support your mental health. Regular massage treatments can contribute to a better regulation of the so-called sympathetic nervous system, which plays a key role in triggering stress reactions. And stress in particular is known to lead to a weakened immune system.

3. osteopathy offers effective treatments for pain relief.

If you suffer from chronic pain, the holistic approach of osteopathy in Hamburg can bring relief. For example through:

  • Non-invasive manual treatment of the cause of acute or chronic pain
  • Treatment of spinal misalignments that can cause chronic pain.
  • Relief from tension-related headaches, neck pain and chronic migraines
  • Recovery after sports injuries as part of a holistic rehabilitation process
  • Alleviation of negative symptoms during and after pregnancy, such as pelvic, back, neck or shoulder pain.
Treatment of
  • General pain and discomfort
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain
  • Asthma
  • Herniated disc
  • Pelvic, hip, leg and knee problems
  • Blockages in the spine
  • Misalignment of the spine (e.g. scoliosis)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint complaints
  • Lumbago
  • Sciatica
  • Jaw problems
  • Headache originating from the neck
  • Cramps and period pain
  • Circulation problems
  • Minor sports injuries
  • Migraine
  • Fatigue and listlessness
  • Muscle cramps and pain
  • Neck pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Back pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Shoulder pain
  • Dizziness
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tinnitus
  • Digestive problems
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