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Your visits to the doctor:
Contemporary, digitalized and with a view to your holistic health. Experience exceptional modern medicine from your GP appointment to specialist treatment - regardless of whether you have statutory or private insurance.

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Medical Care
We Offer

Beyond primary care, specialist:s offer consultation and treatment in a variety of medical specialties in their practices at Eterno. Discover their services in the following areas:

Holistic treatments
Short waiting times
Video treatments
Digital patient file

Holistic Care. Better
Holistic Health..

Our partners address your individual health needs. The independent doctors, therapists and coaches take the time to get to know you and help you improve your physical and mental well-being beyond any symptoms. In this way, your practitioners ensure prevention, comprehensive recovery and your holistic health - regardless of whether you have statutory or private health insurance.

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What makes us special
Modern preventive medicine at our partner:inside
Exceptional design & healing architecture
Digital patient records
Practices for statutory & privately insured
Simple & quick appointment bookings
Convenient video consultation
Well-being offers: Fitness, Yoga & more
(independent of medical/therapeutic services of our partners)
Healthy Café for pleasant waiting times

Our Hubs

Your primary care visits, health consultations and treatments take place in our contemporary healthcare facilities. Each of our thoughtfully designed locations is equipped with highly modern treatment rooms, uniquely inspired by nature to enhance your well-being and recovery.

Bleichenbrücke 10, 20354 Hamburg

Find us on the 2nd floor of the Kaufmannshaus, right in the heart of the new Passagenviertel of Hamburg-Neustadt.

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Bockenheimer Landstraße 33, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

In a central location in Frankfurt's Westend-Süd you will find us in the Westend-Windows building on the first floor as well as on the 5th floor.

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With over 3 million inhabitants Berlin is the largest city in Germany. With impressive sights, a numerous galleries, cafes and bars, Berlin has a lot to offer.

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With more than one million inhabitants, Munich is the third largest city in Germany. In addition to numerous museums and impressive architecture, Munich has exceptionally good gastronomy and nice shopping opportunities to offer.

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Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is directly located on the Rhine. Düsseldorf is an important center of industry and commerce and is one of the most important trade fair cities in Germany.

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Hamburg Elbtower
Opening 2025

In the Elbtower, new-work concepts have been taken a step further in terms of design. Open structures and short communication channels create space for thinking - an atmosphere in which people can develop optimally and companies can exploit their potential. At the end of 2025, Eterno will open on around 4,000 sqm on the 6th floor.

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Practice Modern Medicine. Join Eterno.

Become part of the Eterno network of independent doctors, therapists and coaches and discover how easy and efficient your own practice can be. We take care of your administration, patient management and digitalization. Move into your fully equipped practice now!

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